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Welcome to ibu_revolution

ibu_revolution is a system for building dwellings from ISO standard shipping containers. It is a scalable manufacturer/dealer/sales force friendly system that yields the maximum product diversity from the smallest part set. It leverages the portability and strength of the ISO units and overcomes the limited width of the modules. This is the way to build dwellings with shipping containers.

ibu_revolution, a two minute introduction



At this time we are seeking manufacturers, developers, builders, and individuals interested in building and living in container based dwellings. We will assist manufacturers in launching a product line based on ibu_revolution, and we will assist developer/builders seeking to build multiple dwellings. We will also assist individuals seeking to build a dwelling for personal or speculative use. Inquire to discuss your project. If you have more than a casual interest or curiosity about building or producing ibu_revolution dwellings then please fill out our inquiry form. This will also add you to our email list. Note that our emails are infrequent, with only news about ibu_revolution. We will not spam you with other offers nor share your information with anybody.