Modern Plans
Gregory La Vardera Architect
An Invitation to Builders and Developers

Our House Plan Products offer you two clear ways to distinguish your offerings in your market: Modern Design, and Energy Efficiency.

Few Builders or Developers are willing to offer modern design to their customers. They fear the market is too narrow, and that nobody likes those "funny" looking houses. The truth is that Modern is a highly under-served niche in the housing market, and buyers of Modern Houses are very passionate about their preferences. Because the options for Modern Homes is so restricted modern style homes often command higher selling prices. Modern houses can deliver this higher return while being no more complex, and often less complex to build than traditional properties. Whether you decide to build a modern themed tract, or make an offering of modern houses in the mix of a larger development, you can tap into this valuable niche market with the help of our House Plan Products.

For Builders or Developers looking to tap into the premium market forming around high performance residences our House Plans can provide you an easier entry. There is an information overload in the industry about how to build high performance, what is the best methods, what are the best materials. Much of the techniques are new, and unfamiliar, and builders associate this uncertainty with greater risk, and hence greater cost. Our energy performance details are based on our study of Swedish home building techniques, and are well vetted, reliable, and most important, they are easy to build with materials and subcontractors that you are already working with. Working with our House Plan Products to offer advanced energy efficient houses will provide you with certainty and confidence in scheduling and pricing of your work.

If you are already interested in either of these two approaches then our House Plan Products are the best way for you to enter these markets. To develop an offering matching the range of designs in our catalog would represent an enormous investment in custom design. Yet you can have this product on your desk and in your offering immediately via our catalog. These are game changing designs intended to raise expectations and blaze new standards for what housing is in America. Through our House Plans that innovative identity can be your brand.

If you are curious about tapping into these market niches be assured that our House Plan Products an effective way to distinguish your offerings from the competition in your market. The uniqueness of these offerings will provide you compelling content, for ads, press releases, and your other marketing efforts. People will talk about your company and your work will draw attention, attention that sells houses.

And finally by purchasing our House Plans for your Project you will gain access a range of beneficial support from us to help make your offering of our house designs a success. So we invite you to come on board with us, and together lets change the face of housing in America, one great house at a time.


The fine print: Offers of Benefits made here are solely at the pleasure of Gregory La Vardera Architect. Offers and terms described may be modified or revoked solely at his discretion. No warranty is given as to the accuracy of the information posted on this site. All information should be independently evaluated for accuracy, correctness and completeness. All information, including pricing and features, is subject to change without notice. Plain English: There are people that may try to game these offers in ways we can not anticipate, and if so, we retain absolute and final right to modify or end the terms as we see fit. We want this to work for everybody, and we won't let one bad apple spoil it for the bunch. Thanks!

Teaming Up, Here's how:

We want to know about you and the work you are doing so we can help you the best we can. The best way to start telling us about You is to fill out our Contact Form. Go ahead, click on that link and check it out, its not long. You can finish reading here and go back to it later.

We appreciate you reaching out via the Contact Form, and in return for that we want to give you something back. When you fill out our Form you get these benefits:

- A free 1 hour consult about your Project.
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Become a Customer, & Become a Partner

After you've purchased your first Construction Print Set, or chosen PreSelection Purchase you'll enter into our Builder Developer Partner relationship. This gains you access to these great benefits:

- Site Planning Assist to layout your site and/or place your houses.
- Spec Aid to help you select materials and finishes.
- Collateral Access to renderings and images of our designs for your marketing.
- Project Exposure in our social media streams.
- Tech Support ongoing during your builds.

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