Modern Plans
Gregory La Vardera Architect

Project Number: 0965bw

Name: XHouse2

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 1,800

Available Now!

Project Number: 0242bw

Name: Plat House

Bedrooms: 2

Square footage: 1,420

Under development

Project Number: 0967bw

Name: XHouse3

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 1,986

Under development

Bensonwood Collection

We are very proud to offer this collaboration with Bensonwood. From the start our house plans have been intended to make modern design more affordable and more widely available to to home buyers who had no option to choose a modern home. Through this alliance with Bensonwood we can now extend that to people who want more than house plans - people that want to bypass the effort of the construction process and the associated risks, and most importantly people who want the most energy efficient construction that can be offered with our designs. This is more than just a built offering of our house designs. The Bensonwood versions of our homes are engineered to a much higher level of performance than our house plans. What we are offering are our same popular designs with an additional layer of value added.

Bensonwood's history begins with the history of building in New England. In 1974, Tedd Benson observed these remarkable structures - many of which had stood for more than two centuries - and reasoned that the ancient craft of timber framing could be made viable again with modern methods and would yield great benefits in durability and beauty in contemporary homes. He began by recreating the joinery he found in those historic spaces, and Benson Woodworking Company was formed. The company worked to meld centuries-old craft with the needs of contemporary buildings - insulation, plumbing, electricity, and communication systems. These efforts yielded a near endless series of innovative ideas that became the benchmark of sustainable building practice. As Bensonwood has grown, the relentless drive toward better building has continued. Today, Bensonwood is widely acknowledged as the premier designer/builder of energy efficient timberframe, hybrid, and other high performance homes, commercial buildings and specialty structures across the US and Canada.

Bensonwood's off-site fabrication allows for more precision and better build quality. The efficiency of this Modern Method of Construction is folded back into higher energy performance cutting your operating cost for the life of the house. Better built, better performance, better value.

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