Modern Plans
Gregory La Vardera Architect

Project Number: 0862

Name: XHouse1

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 2,370

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Project Number: 0965

Name: XHouse2

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 1,800

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Project Number: 0967

Name: XHouse3

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 1,986

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Project Number: 0970

Name: Lagom House

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 1,489

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Project Number: 1192

Name: Lagom House 2 Story

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 1,540

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Project Number: 1299

Name: XHouse4

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 2,464

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Project Number: 1201

Name: XHouse5

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 2,208

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Project Number: 1204

Name: RoHouse

Bedrooms: 2-6

Square footage: 1,120-2,643

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The XHouse Collection

This new collection of house designs launched in 2009 is named for the series of experimental airplanes created to test new technologies and push the boundaries of aeronautics. Just as bomber's have been designated as B series airplanes like B-17, B-25, and fighters as as F series, experimental aircraft were always given an X series number. Now the XHouses are not going to be experimental in the sense that they will contain experimental building technology. These plans will follow our premise of building with materials and techniques well established in the building trades. This is in order to make a builder feel that the construction work is familiar and predictable to build. Our plans have demonstrated that this keeps the cost of the houses in line with commodity building and the houses built to date have proven this out. So where does the X come in?

This collection of designs will look forward rather than back and in the same spirit that the X planes advanced what an airplane could do, these houses will advance what an appropriate house for our times should be. The economic climate, the environment, and a new class of home owners are all changing expectations of what a house should be and how we will live in it. We will not build again as we have in the past, and its about time, don't you think?

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