Modern Plans
Gregory La Vardera Architect

Project Number: 0860

Name: The Hus1

Bedrooms: 3 or 4

Square footage: 1,760 - 2,270

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The Blueprints Collection

Lets not beat around the bush. This collection of plans is going to be a revival of sorts. If thats not your thing I understand completely - please move on, we have many other designs for you. I'm not a big fan of recreating historical styles. Many architects do that but it usually revolves around something colonial, or craftsman, or victorian. Well why should all those designers have all the fun working with old styles they like? I love mid-century homes, I love looking at the Case Study Houses, I love going on house tours of old modern houses, I love looking through old magazines from the times and seeing these forward looking homes. So we are going to indulge our interest here, and without guilt we are going to pursue creating a series of house plans inspired by those mid-century designs. We are going to reinvent them for today's living patterns, new designs to capture the spirit if not the letter of the times. So if you too are a fan of these homes, if you searched to buy an modern home from the 50s but could not face up to the restoration, or the escalating prices, or maybe you just want a home without plumbing or wiring to repair. Well don't feel guilty. We don't.

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