Modern Plans
Gregory La Vardera Architect

Project Number: 0738

Name: Spirit of Palo Alto

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 1,985

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Project Number: 0857

Name: L House

Bedrooms: 4

Square footage: 3,365

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Project Number: 0385

Name: The Tray House

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 2,202

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Project Number: 0862

Name: XHouse1

Bedrooms: 3

Square footage: 2,370

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The Zeitgeist House Group

Zeitgeist means The spirit of the Times, and in the world of new suburban housing in the USA the spirit of the times is pretty sad. Awful housing abounds. There is not much an individual can do to alter the wild pattern of suburban development either, except refuse to live there. But the truth is that some people have no options, and some of the people without options don't like the stupid houses that are built in those developments either. Do you feel that just because you are doing reasonably well does not mean you have to live in something that looks like a lame imitation of an old house. You wouldn't drive around with a paper mache horse lashed to the front of your car, would you? Then why would you do the same thing to your house. These houses are for you.

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